Yesterday was daughter’s first official day of Pre-Kindergarten. For nearly four and a half years we knew this day was coming. For the past year she’s been preparing in Preschool A and Preschool B. For two weeks she’s been transitioning to the classroom. But yesterday was the first day that I dropped her off in the “big kid” room. And it was yesterday that I looked at my little baby, with the long, lean legs and the quick smile, and realized that, Yes, she is a big kid.

She’s riding a bike and learning what sounds letters make. She’s adding and subtracting M&Ms. She’s swimming, and I mean really swimming (front stroke and back!). She’s smart and opinionated and funny and so so so sweet.
Pre-K is a big step. Next year she’ll be starting Kindergarten and I’m so not ready for that. But I know it will be here before I know it. And then first grade, and someday fourth grade and then, well, we’ll cross that bridge then. Right now I’m the proud mother of a Pre-Kindergartner. And that’s perfect.

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