This Morning


I can hear her downstairs when I get out of the shower.
“Daddy, I gave Bogey a treat because he came inside.”

Thanks, Honey. Let’s go upstairs.
“Excuse me, Luna. Excuuuse me… “
“Is she in your way, Honey?”
“Yes, she has a big butt.”
She stumbles upstairs and walks right past me, through the bathroom and into our bedroom. Her hair is in shambles, her mismatched pajamas too short and two loose at the same time. She climbs onto the bed, hands me her granola bar to open. I hand it back to her and sit down, brush the hair out of her face.
“Morning, Love. Can I see your pretty face?”
She looks up at me, her eyes wide.
“Can I see your pretty smile?”
She smiles wide, her baby teeth suddenly small in her four-year old mouth. She cuddles closer and rests her head in my lap.
“Can you show me surprised?”
Her mouth opens wide, her eyes look up towards the wall.
“How about mad?”
She struggles with this one, tries to keep her lips in a straight line.
She drops her lips into a frown, but her eyes glow with delight.
“How about a smile again?”
It’s wider this time and she giggles.
“Good morning, baby. Good morning.”

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