Five things is back!

It’s been awhile, but nothing like turning over a new leaf, or returning over a new leaf at the first of the year. So this Friday, in honor of the weekend, I’m asking you five FUN things you hope to do this weekend. Don’t tell me what errands you need to run or what needs to be organized, just five FUN things. Here goes:

1. Playing hockey – two games, can’t wait.

2. A 4-year-old birthday party, outside, at an outdoor rink. (yep, FUN)

3. Watching the Vikings play the Packers. (FUN? not sure, will tell you after the game)

4. Spending time with Daughter (FUN)

5. Watching the Season 3 premiere of Downton Abbey. (I watched the first two seasons on the iPad in the last two weeks… FUN!)


One thought on “Friday!

  1. 1. working tomorrow (yes, it’s fun to be a grown up at least a few days a week)
    2. starting a creative project for my cousins wedding
    3. working out- getting buff is fun stuff
    4. walking to the farmers market sunday morning with boy-o
    5. reading my checked out vegan cookbooks from the library

    happy weekend!

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