Giveaway Day!

I’m joining in. I know it’s been quiet here lately, but life has been crazy. Work is busy. Family is busy. Daughter is growing and amazing me every single day. And my sweet little doggy turned 10 this weekend. Ten!!

But anyway, I’m joining Sew Mama Sew for their Giveaway Day.


And my contribution? I’m giving away one of these handy-dandy key-wristlet-fob-thingies. I swear by mine. You will swear by yours.

(sorry, it’s not the best photo)

All you have to do is leave a comment before 5 pm on December 7. If you make me laugh with your comment I’ll enter your name twice. If I get way more comments than I expect I’ll give away more than one key-wristlet-fob thingy. Oh, and yes, I’ll ship internationally.

That’s it. Happy Monday.


95 thoughts on “Giveaway Day!

  1. What a fun idea! Can’t wait to check out the rest of your blog!

    Thanks for a chance to win…maybe I would be able to find my keys easier with these…but then again with a new teen driver in the house, maybe they should have a lock on them to attach to my purse!


  2. I already have a lot of things hanging with my keys, my convinction being that the bigger it is, the less risk I have to loose it. It’s quite convenient, I always easily find my keys in my bag or my pocket… Unfortunately, like monday last week, I can still find myself without keys when coming back home with three hungry little girls at night…. But my keys were not lost, they had been forgotten inside when I left :o)

  3. I’m not sure what a bracelet-fob thingymajigger or whatever you keep calling it is… but it sure looks like some handy dandy key chains to me! I do need a new one! preferably a bright one! My family always makes so much fun of me for loosing my keys constantly…. they tend to repeat “where is myyyy….”! Anyway! Thank you for this great opportunity!

  4. Hmmm something funny… well here’s a funny Halloween story!

    My sister and I are exactly 3 years apart (same birthday, 3 years apart… yeah). My mom always made our Halloween costumes for school and trick or treating, and she was AWESOME at it. Seriously. I think she made every single Disney princess dress for us. Disney would have been proud. Anyways… so I’m in 2nd grade and my sister’s in 5th. Mary Poppins was a big deal around that age (duh) so my mom got a great idea for our costumes. We always just left it up to her to come up with the costumes, since she was the one making them.

    Well, I’m not sure if I was just especially horrible at 7 years old, or if I refused to wash the dishes one too many times… but my sister got this big beautiful Mary Poppins dress (the white one she wears at the horse races)

    …and I’m a penguin. Wait… a PENGUIN? Yes, a penguin. The penguins didn’t even have a big role in the movie! I barely remember the penguins!

    So my sister waltzes around twirling her dress, while I’m scratching my felt beak that’s attached to my face and itches like crazy while I sweat horrendously stuck between 2 pillows.

    Needless to say, I started giving my mom suggestions for costumes after that. I also started doing the dishes…

    mjp0419 at gmail dot com

  5. Would love to win a key fob! Maybe you can add a bell if I win that way when my toddler steals them and runs I’ll hear her!!

  6. I swear by mine too…but your’s is prettier! I have just a plain ugly plastic hook thingie…granted it holds my keys where I want them (usually on my belt loop while in a store as that way, if I get mugged of my purse…they at least won’t get my car!) but it is so UGLY it hurts!!! I want PRETTY!!!!! And that’s that, as Junie B Jones say! Thanks for the chance!
    quiltingnanny at yahoo dot com (or Google one)

  7. Hey there.. thank you for this nice giveaway and the chance to win. .. well, but maybe this is the wrong for me… ? I always loose my keys in the flat. Exactly, its not me but my daughters. One of them loves to play with it (” I am sooo big and I have my own key !!”) and the other one.. just loves to have it and to try to eat it. And such a nice keyfob .. hmm. will not make it easier. So if I win it, I will give it to my sister – she is building a new house and maybe it is the right thing for her and her brand new key 😉

  8. These are so darn cute! And it would be a huge upgrade from the dumb Star Wars Boba Fet Lego keychain that I’ve been using. Its embarrassing when strangers see it- though it is rather easy to find in my baby bag! If I had one of yours, I would have the ease of finding my keys and not be embarrassed all the time!!!

  9. I just saw these for the first time through 31 yesterday. I think that they are beautiful! Right now, I have a Wile E. Coyote stuffed animal on my key ring to make it easy to find, but these would work just as well…. and they are a little bit more adult-like! 🙂

  10. How cute are those! Thanks 😀

    (ps. my husband and I got in a disagreement about the word “fob” a few months back so I’m glad to see you calling it that too! ~ I’m showing your post to him now to put him in his place!)

  11. I love thingies. So useful and such a useful word. I had never thought to make them with just D rings. Now I have another use for the fabric scraps in my drawer.

  12. Today a coworker was telling me that she has rented her house in another city to a friend’s daughter, who posts pictures on Facebook all the time. The one that got her really riled up? The dog on the kitchen counter!

  13. Thanks for the chance! I need one of theses, and yours are beautiful.

    My 3 year old is really worried that if he dies, Jesus won’t give him good food in heaven. Like cake, pie, and green beans.

  14. Adorable fobs. What are all your ideas to use them besides just for keys? Very appealing & so much nicer than my ratty key chain. I need these.

  15. Just beautiful, I am sure they will just make my 2 year old want to carry mummies keys even more but maybe if they are wrapped round her wrist she won’t loose them – Might make her a mini version with a few keys of her own, just to be safe.

  16. Oh nice! I’ll tell a key related story… One day we get a frantic call from my sister saying she had locked herself in the car. She couldn’t get out. She called my brother, a car type guy, and me and we rush over to the parking lot sure we’d misunderstood. We find her sitting IN her car. She has just rolled the window down and said sheepishly, “I guess I could have opened the window and crawled out.” My brother and I look at each other incredulously and he says, “So you lost your keys, got locked IN your car and now you’ve figured out you could open the window but you’re still locked in?” She says yes. So my brother reaches through the open window, flicks the lock and grabs the handle and opens her door. Bahahahha! We laughed at her so hard. And yes, we still bring it up 🙂

  17. Love them! Maybe this will help me find my keys amongst the mess of my purse. Thanks for the giveaway! Amy @ gasudimack(at)sbcglobal(dot)net

  18. My son Vincent was wearing his Superman shirt and came into me this morning holding his Robin shirt and mask, “I fought Robin & Green Lantern and they died and they dropped these”

  19. I don’t have a key fob-thingie like this but I could definitely use one! Why did the golfer bring an extra pair of pants? In case he got a hole-in-one! (sorry – old but family-friendly joke from my workplace). Thanks for a great giveaway!

  20. How useful!
    In the “words I never thought would leave my mouth” category – my 2.5yo is obsessed with our “little vacuum” – a dirt devil thing. Anyway, one night when he was being mean to his baby brother, I yelled, ‘That’s it – you’re not allowed to vacuum tonight!”

  21. This would be so handy for my keys and to help me from getting locked out of my house! When I get home from work my chocolate lab is waiting to go straight outside and a few times, when I have entered the house from the garage but go outside through the house door, I have neglected to actually turn the button and unlock the door. So when we are done romping in the yard we can’t get back in the house and have to wait for the next person to get home…lol! But with one of your fobby thingy’s, maybe I would keep my keys on my wrist and not put them on the table as I dash outside for dog duty!

  22. Very cute! So now for the laugh part..:o) What do you get when you cross an elephant with Darth Vader? An Ele-vader of course! This is my grandson’s latest…hope ya smiled a little!

  23. I had a new baby born last week and we didn’t know the gender until she was born. My son had been hoping for a brother since he already has two sisters. His response was, ” I wanted a baby brother but sisters are sweeter!”

  24. Great giveaway! Maybe if I have one of these my children will be less likely to hide my keys behind the toilet or under the kitchen sink 🙂

    bdoody11 at yahoo dot com

  25. Love your handy-dandy key-wristlet-fob-thingies. If I win, does it come with a guarantee for roadside assistance when I lock myself out of my house when I go out for my newspaper in my pajamas? Not that this has ever happened to me…!

  26. Always meant to make one of these for myself,but I never seem to get around to it.

    Thank you for your generosity and kindness (even if I don’t win)!

  27. Well I’m not at the point where this is funny yet, but… I have been smelling this awful cheese smell all day and checked everywhere in my office to find the source. Well my co worker told me I had spit up down my back. UGH!!!!

  28. Great giveaway 🙂
    Ok – here goes. What do you call cheese that isn’t yours?
    .Nacho’cheese… get it? (Not your cheese said in a Mexican accent)?
    Hope you laughed 😉 I’m NOT known for myjoke telling – can you tell!

  29. those would be great for my keys…which I hate searching for in the bottom of my purse…which usually I end up with something in my fingernails that I just don’t want to know about….

  30. Knock Knock
    Who’s there?
    Hannah who?
    Hannah a partridge in a pear tree

    My daughter is Hannah and she had to hear that from us for the Christmas season most of herlife. She is 23 now and still hears it. Poor thing, LOL.

  31. Oh wonderful maybe this will actually help me keep track of my keys the clapper didn’t work next I have to find a way to keep track of my phone and my glasses you would not believe where I put things sometimes. I actually mailed my phone to my DIL one time as I had been talking on it while while packing a care package for her.

  32. My 20-month old daughter just recently had her 1st cookie… she now screams out “caca caca caca!” every time she sees ones – cracks me up EVERY time.

    The other night, she sat on her toilet and I said something about “yes! that’s where you should go pee-pee!” She looks up & says “bee bee! bee bee! bee bee!” while sitting on her toilet, eating a PB&J sammich, in the nude.

  33. Fabulous! I spend my time hunting for my keys in the bottom of my bag so one of these would be perfect!
    gillwatson at mailbox dot co dot uk

  34. Maybe this would help me not loose my keys in the giant diaper bag anymore, which always seems to happen when I’d trying to hold down a toddler, carry a baby in a carseat and bring in a load of groceries. Thanks for the chance to win!

  35. Gorgeous key fobs. Have seen these before but never had one of them. With 2 kids, 1 Daisy dachshund dog, 1 albino leopard spotted gecko name Cleo and 2 orange cats both boys one name Caramel and the other is Butterscotch and 1 big old house that always is in need of cleaning and 2 acres. I have just never had the time to try and make them. Oh yea I forgot the husband person. Anyway they are really cute. I like your choic eof fabrics.

  36. My daughter has been asking for new jokes everyday. Today we had “Why does a bear hate socks? He likes his bear(bare) feet!” Well it made my 2 year old laugh anyway 🙂

  37. We have a houseful of kleptomaniac kittens–they steal everything! If I had one of these I could keep my keys “close at hand”…although if the kittens have good taste they’ll just want to steal my keys even more with this cute thingamabob.

  38. Would one of these prevent me from accidentally tossing my keys in the freezer?! I have no idea how they ended up in there but when I realized they were in there I almost lost my balance and fell right in. It’s a chest freezer. I’m short. What can I say! Anyway thanks for the giveaway!

  39. A friend gave me one of these key fobs last month because I’m always losing my keys inside the diaper bag. I haven’t had a chance to use it, though, since my eight-month-old stole it. She’s teething, and I think she likes the hard, cool metal with the soft fabric. Anyway, it’s always in her mouth, so I need another one that I can actually use for my keys! Thanks!

  40. what’s the only kind of shoe you can eat??? a cashew!!! (joke by my 7 year old, although he was 5 at the time he told it to us…)

  41. Wonderful. I’ll tell you something that made me laugh yesterday. My 14 year old daughter plays volleyball for her school. They were practicing and she got a volleyball to the head. She sent me a text that read…”I just got hit in the head. I think I’m concused”. I’m sorry but I laughed so hard. I mean, who would text something like that lol. BTW she is perfectly fine, just a drama queen!

    Thank you for the chance to win.
    ktreve (at) hotmail )dot) com

  42. Very cute! I’d love one for my keys! 🙂 Thanks for a chance to win!
    And here is my son’s favorite joke… Where do snowmen store their money?? In a Snow Bank! 🙂

  43. Great giveaway. Here is my funny. While looking at eric carle letter/animal flash cards with my preschool class they got stumped on an animal then one girl got really excited and said ” I know what it is, I know what it is, I saw one at the zoo. It’s and octopotamus.” It too everything I had not to laugh at her (she was so excited that she “remembere”. The animals was a hippopotamus.

  44. In an attempt to make you laugh….

    What is Santa’s favorite pizza?

    One that’s deep and crisp and even!

    Do I get a groan at least???

  45. My daughter told me this joke yesterday, “Why did the cow cross the road?”

    “Because it was the chicken’s day off!”

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