A few weeks ago Daughter and I were decorating for Halloween. Nothing crazy, just a large furry spider (who made me jump more times than I’d like to admit) and a big sticky cobweb along the front shrubs. Inside we hung a few bats and made an orange and black paper chain. Still pretty simple.

But while we were outside I pulled out my phone and took a couple pictures of Daughter. She quickly turned back and wanted to see the pictures. Then, she wanted to take pictures of me. All I could think about was my phone, in little hands, falling to the ground. And the semi-busy street that we live on where high school kids coming zipping by.

But then I remembered I could trust her. Stay on the grass. Two hands on the phone. It’s all I said. And she started to shoot. She took about two dozen shots in rapid succession and the one above is the only shot  that shows more than my shoes. I love it.

And you know what? She didn’t drop my phone. She didn’t run into the street. She just took way too many photos of the leaves in the front yard. And that’s fine. Just fine.


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