Before… totally cheesy, but it was really cold and we were nervous !

So, the race went well yesterday. After the swim, that is. I started right at the front of my wave, ran out as fast as I could, and starting swimming really fast. Really really fast. And there were no arms or legs or limbs flailing around so I just kept swimming. Eventually I realized I was either being supernatural or maybe I was off course. Guess what. Yep. I looked up and I was at least 50 feet to the left of the closest swimmer and heading right towards a kayak patrol. Crap. Not a good way to start a race. By the second turn I had figured out the swim and actually beat my time from last year. (Imagine what I could have done if I had gone straight!) The rest of the race went well, I felt good on the bike (bored, of course) and the run was hard but fun. Another runner joined me with about 1.5 miles left and told me I was her “pacer”. No problem. In fact, we even started chatting toward the end and pushed each other to sprint to the finish. That last mile is hard and it was cool to have a new ‘friend” to help me push. The big difference between last year and this year was how I felt at the end. Last year I was dizzy and had to sit down for a bit. This year? I felt great. I could talk and cheer on others and even picked up daughter a few times. Then I found the food tent. Now I need another event, another goal. Who’s with me?


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