On Training….

I’ve been training and I love it. When people find out that I’m training for a triathlon they often say, “Isn’t that hard?” “Isn’t that a lot of work?” “Oh, the training must be so hard.” And yes, it is hard. But it’s also so much fun. I really need a deadline to achieve something. In writing, I need a date on the calendar. In training, I need a race or event.
Before Daughter was born I completed three Inline Marathons. That means rollerblading 26.2 miles. The first year it was torture. I remember reaching the one-mile marker and thinking, “What the hell did I just get myself into?” It was horrible. And two hours and twenty minutes later, when I crossed the finish line and nearly passed out, I vowed to never again do a race without proper training. That said, the following summer I did the same race and finished in an hour and 50-some minutes. The third year I finished in an hour and 40-some minutes. Less than 10 minutes behind the pros and without speed skates or drafting. Or a sponsorship.
So last summer I decided to do a Sprint Triathlon. Training was a lot of work. But it was a lot of fun work. I taught myself how to swim laps. I spent many boring hours on the bike. And I trained my legs to run right after biking. I even spent an evening swimming with a four foot muskie in the lake. The day of the race I was a nervous wreck. But it was a blast. It was hard, don’t get my wrong. The first ten minutes after I was done I really wondered why the hell I had just done that.
But it was so fun!
And now I’m back. A month from today I’m doing it again. Which means I’m at the peak of my training this week. I’m swimming, biking and running all the time. And loving every minute of it. I went on a run the other day at 6am. The sun had just come up. The air was crisp. The first half-mile was torture. My back was stiff, my legs were tired,  my mind wasn’t into it. But slowly I woke up. My legs picked up the pace. My breath evened out. I greeted a passing runner. And then I was done. Four miles done and it was just past 630am. Given, there’s no way I can do that everyday. But when I do, and it goes well, there’s nothing better.(Except maybe a three-year-old laughing.)
In a month I’ll be a nervous wreck. Until then I’m having fun. Because if it isn’t fun, it isn’t worth it.
And this weekend, for fun, I’m running The Color Run with some dear friends. I can’t wait.
What are you doing this weekend for fun?

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