A Rainy Day

We ventured out to the U of MN Landscape Arboretum yesterday, despite the rain. Friday it hit 92 degrees. Saturday it hit 84. The temperature yesterday was a balmy 48. I wore shorts. Because, frankly, I hate pants. And after two days of hot, and sort of sticky, weather, I couldn’t imagine putting pants on. So. I wore shorts. And I froze my tail off. Did I mention it was raining? Well, not a real rain, but a constant misty drizzle like the one my husband uses on the monarch’s Chysalis’.

We wandered through the Japanese Garden and fed the Koi a few cheddar goldfish crackers. We wandered through the Hosta, amazed at the size of some of the plants and wishing I could transplant a few into our backyard. We skipped the empty Rose Garden, but spent some time in the Home Demo Garden, home to the fruits and vegetables. It was still pretty empty, but I saw an entire bush of rosemary and the start of some radishes. Just imagining what will be there later this summer inspires me.

Then we wandered over the waterfall because we knew Daughter would love it. And she did. She also loved every rain puddle we walked through and insisted on carrying her umbrella, even though her rain coat was doing more than a substantial job keeping her dry. When we were soaked and tired and hungry we found our way back to the car and drove for Sushi.

Despite the rain, despite the cold, it was a beautiful morning.


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