Shake Your Booty!

Last night as I was cleaning up after dinner, I heard a commotion come from the living room.

I yelled in to Daughter, “What are you doing?”

She replied, “I dancing!”

Okay. That’s fine. She’s just a loud dancer.

When the dishes were done, I walked into the living room to find my just-turned-three-year-old waving a scarf, wiggling her little butt and singing, “Shake! Shake Your Booty!”

A smile came across my face before I could stop it.

“Who taught you to say that, Bear?”

She didn’t answer, just kept singing.

I kept smiling.

Then she handed me the scarf and yelled, “Mom! Your turn!”

And I shook my booty as best I could.

Its’ Friday… go shake your booty…


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