Hopscotch Numbers

I’ve been meaning to make a Hopscotch Mat for Daughter for a few weeks. I had the felt and even set it out on the floor to see what she thought. She loved the colorful squares and spent at least 20 minutes moving them around and stacking them. Rather than sewing them on to a larger sheet of fabric, Husband suggested I leave them as individual squares and just sew the numbers onto them. Perfect!

I printed out large numbers on 8.5×11 sheets, traced them onto white felt and then sewed them on. With Daughter on my lap. (She called the pins “little balls” and wanted to touch them. Um, no.)

Since they’ve been completed, she’s been organizing and stacking and crumpling and throwing. It’s also an excuse for us to test her on her numbers and colors. We haven’t played an actual game of hopscotch yet, but there’s time. Someday.


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