I’m Inspired

I recently started reading the blog, Pancakes and French Fries. For the entire month of October, she’s been purging and dumping and organizing. I’m inspired. I’ve also become addicted to Chez Larsson…. more inspiration. In the last few weeks I”ve tackled my closet, Daughter’s closet and I’ve started the basement. This weekend I tackled my “studio” drawers. My “studio” consists of an area at the top of the stairs that contains a wet bar. The bar is the perfect place for my cutting mat and across from it I have my sewing machine and drawing table. The whole area needs to be purged and organized, but this weekend I started with the drawers. Little hands have been reaching in lately and I needed to make sure all the sharp objects were well of out reach. So here are the before photos:


Man, there was lot of JUNK in there. So many cords! And everything was everywhere!


That feels so much better. Glue is with glue, clips are with clips, punches are with punches. I used ziploc bags to store velcro and buttons, etc and while it’s not glamorous, it works. For now. These drawers are shallow so I’ll have to find some short little containers for these. Until then this will do.

My next project? The bathroom. Wish me luck.


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