Gwyneth and Her Veggie Burgers

I waited weeks, months for this cookbook from the Library. And man, this was worth the wait. But ironically, I wasn’t a fan of her in her early acting days, but lately she’s impressed me. And this cookbook? It’s geared toward families and it’s loaded with healthy recipes. I can’t wait to make the “Macaroni & Cheese (a few ways),” and “Salmon with Ginger Preserved & Thyme.” So far we’ve made the “Chicken Milanese with Endive and Gorgonzola” and the “Veggie Burgers.”

They were really easy and really delicious. If you remember, making homemade veggie burgers is on my 39 at 39 list. Consider it DONE. And I can’t wait to make them again. They were loaded with onions and black beans. And while I wouldn’t really call them Veggie burgers, since Onion was the only Veggie, I would call them Black Bean burgers. We served them with Avocado, Fresh Spinach and Siracha. Again, Yum.

PS: She even includes a recipe for a homemade-type Siracha sauce. Just without the preservatives. I need to try it. I also need to get this book.


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