A Beautiful Day

What a beautiful day yesterday! As I was walking Dog before work I noticed the brilliant leaves and the sun coming just over the trees on the other side of the river. (If you don’t know, I live across the street from the Mississippi River – sometimes I forget how awesome that is). Anyway, it was a beautiful morning. And the forecasters said it would be a beautiful day.

When I brought Dog home I grabbed my camera and headed to work along the river. (Yep, I follow the River all the way into the office – I know, it’s pretty sweet). I stopped in one of the lots along the way and walked the paths through the yellow-orange-red-green trees.

Amazing. And when I got back to my car, I had a friend.

This wild turkey has been hanging in our hood all summer. She’s harmless (and I know she’s a She because she left an egg in my neighbor’s yard) but decided that she wanted to hang out right outside my driver’s side door. Really? A few shots was all it took to get her moving.

And then when I reached the top of the hill into downtown this is what I saw. Again, amazing. And yes, the day was beautiful. (We hit 88 degrees and broke a record. Sweet!)


3 thoughts on “A Beautiful Day

  1. it’s been crazy beautiful weather, hasn’t it? all the windows in my house are open and i’m loving it!! not an october i remember …lovely photos. xx

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