June 1

Can you believe it? It’s June. I love June. The flowers are officially awake, the trees are green and the lakes are getting warm enough to play in. Which is good, because I’ll be spending a lot of time swimming around in our local lakes this summer. It’s time for a Resolution update, do here goes:

1. Create
Been sewing a bit, but hard to stay inside on these nice days. More on that soon.

2. Write.
Yes! The online class I took is just wrapping up, so I’m looking for motivation to keep it going. Hoping to spend long hours in a lawn chair with the laptop.

3. Yoga

4. Budget
Made some progress here, need to make some more. But it’s starting to take shape.

5. Triathlon.
Started the official training program and it will be good. Just need to get out swimming twice a week, which could be tight. I can easily run or bike with the daughter, but swimming? That doesn’t work so well. Also planning to do a couple 5K this summer as a warm-up.

What are your summer workout goals?


One thought on “June 1

  1. my summer workout goals………….step away from the chocolate, put down the cookies and lay off the damn caffeine!

    wish me luck!

    you’re doing great on you list btw!

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