Sorry, I’ve Been Missing….

Or actually, I’ve been weeding and writing and running and working. Not much else. But a year ago I was in New York with some amazing friends, where we walked and ate and drank and shopped and talked. I miss you New York. See you next year.

And don’t forget, Art-A-Whirl is this weekend. Go there. Buy stuff. Have fun. 


One thought on “Sorry, I’ve Been Missing….

  1. Catching up on some reading and while scrolling down I 1st see this image. “Hey I took that same picture! I remember that. – Did she go to NY again and have that same clear day with the moon in the same place?!!! Oh wait, she reminiscing. I get it.” He he. Obviously I need to go have a cup of caffeine. And yes, we were there with some amazing friends. (:

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