Pillows, Finally…

I finally finished two of the pillows for my Mom. The third one is having some zipper issues, so it needs to be torn apart and tried again. When I have some energy to focus on it. Meanwhile, these are completed and happily sitting on her new couch. We found the fabric at Joann’s (I was shocked!). We went with two solids, a darker blue and a lighter blue, a floral print, a textured paisley print and a colorful paisley print (on pillow #3). One pillow has just horizontal stripes.

The second pillow as four diagonal triangles. alternating between the light blue and the textured paisley. They both have simple envelopes backs, so no zippers. Which is why they didn’t cause any problems. (Ahem, pillow #3).

Mom is happy. I’m happy. And now I hope to make more pillows for around here!. Maybe something springy, since Spring showed up this weekend. Hooray!

PS: And a happy happy birthday to my hubby who rarely reads this but in case he does have a great day honey see you tonight!

6 thoughts on “Pillows, Finally…

  1. Beautiful! Where do you buy your pillow inserts? Do you follow a pattern? I like the envelope back idea, easy to change out with the seasons. I’m going to attempt this someday…

  2. Thanks again for the pillows. They look absolutely wonderful on my new sofa. It’s so cool to have such a talented and clever daughter – in case I’ve never told you.

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