Snow and Skirts!

Happy Monday! Everything is still frozen up here in the north, really frozen. Like, frozen solid. And I am sick to death of it. But this week the weather is supposed to change. We’re even supposed to see 50 later this week. We better. Because I’m getting grumpy.

But, since I can’t get outside, I made a skirt! Actually, I made two skirts! I made this really quick and simple jersey cotton spiral skirt using a dark gray. I used this pattern from Stitches Magazine. (probably should have ironed it, eh?)

It includes this great decorative stitch and button that turned out really well, but scared the crap out of me when I first started. I practiced a couple times and then just went for it. It turned out great.

I also made this adorable Flower Bubble Skirt with a pattern from HeidiandFinn. Now, we just need some of that warmer weather so we can take off our long johns and put on our skirts! Soon!


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