Hancock Fabrics

I stopped at Hancock Fabrics last week on a whim. I was in a store in the same mall, and figured I would check it out. I was attracted to these huge rolls of Home Decorator Fabric (aren’t they beautiful) and was kinda sorta looking for something to make a new Tablecloth with. I poked around, found one and asked the expert employees if they thought it would make a good tablecloth. Um, no, it can’t get wet. Huh, well, I guess I’ll just hang on to this one that I ordered from Crate & Barrel outlet. And I’ll keep looking for the perfect fabric as I have time. have you ever made a tablecloth? And what did you use? I need some tips…


3 thoughts on “Hancock Fabrics

  1. Oh, man, you are preaching to the choir here. The Tailor and I are always on the lookout for fabric that’s wide enough for a good-sized tablecloth—we have a round table in the kitchen, so we’d need something ridiculously wide. And it seems like the only stuff we ever find is either upholstery fabric (velour, oy) or just so ugly or coma-inducing that it’s not worth covering the dang table.

    Maybe I need to just start sewing patchwork tablecloths, and call it good. At least they’d hide the wine stains, eh?

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