Exciting News and a Whole Lot of Cutting

I spent the better part of the evening cutting this beautiful fabric. And I’ll be spending the rest of week pining and sewing these pieces together. Because by the end of the week I’m bringing a  whole pile of goodies over to The Linden Tree to be sold! The store is such a little gem. It is run by the most amazing woman (Hi, Melissa!) and is in such a lovely part of town. (Did I mention it’s across the street from Turtle Bread?) Stop by there, say hello, pick up some cards or a beautifully crocheted hat. There’s also prints and clothes and, best of all, fabric! The two fabrics on the far left are from The Linden Tree and I’m planning to transform them, and a whole lot of other beautiful fabric, into purses and wine bags and a few other pieces I’ve been working on.

Things might be pretty quiet around here for a couple weeks as I’m cranking away, but I won’t go far for long. I promise.


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