Quilting, Continued

So, to be totally honest, I started this project with the fabric from Purl Soho before I started the quilt. I saw the pattern in Stitch magazine and thought it would be a great first attempt at patchwork and quilting. The whole project came together really quickly, until it came time to hand-stitch the inch marks.

Weeks ago I carefully stitched the final touches on, hung it on the wall, and wondered why I was suddenly 7 feel tall. I counted and counted and finally figured out that I had put just 10 inches in each foot (*&^%*!!!). Ugh. Out came the scissors and then the project sat. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it again. So finally, over this long weekend I worked up the nerve to finish it. With just one little misstep it’s finally finished. Or close. I’m supposed to stamp numbers every 12 inches, but I can’t decide if it needs it and then if I should stamp them or hand-stitch the numbers.

Any ideas?


5 thoughts on “Quilting, Continued

  1. It’s great! I think it needs the numbers. Otherwise, it’s a little hard to tell that it’s a growth chart. I thought it was a fantastic piece of wall art until I read your comments. Poo to having to re-do the inch marks. Sounds like something I would do. I think the stamping the numbers would look great but only if you can find the right font.

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