Wet Felt Mobile

Jen hosted a pARTy this past weekend and we made Mobiles with balls that we Wet Felted. Now, I’ll admit it, Wet Felting is really not my thing. Maybe it’s because it’s hard to control and I tend to be a bit of a control freak, but I find it frustrating. Not this time. I made a handful of little balls and strung them from a beautiful piece of driftwood. (Remind me to ask her where she found it). It’s simple and happy and makes me smile.Thanks, Jenn!

See what Jen made here, and what Jess made here.


6 thoughts on “Wet Felt Mobile

  1. Just popped over from Painted Fish. Love the mobile. Hope you don’t mind if I use the idea as we live near the beach and I never know what to do with driftwood.

  2. I love this…do one of the gals have a tutorial on how to make it? There’s beautiful drift all along the beaches here…perfect for a project like this!

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