Physics & A Wedding

I have a friend who’s a geek. She admits it, and knows it quite well. She quite her job mixing paint (like creating paint, from scratch) to teach high school Physics. And then she went to a summer teacher conference and met a guy who teaches high school Physics. Now these two are getting married. And obviously I volunteered to design their wedding invitations. I love Physics. Yes, I’m a designer, but I took a full year of Physics in college and LOVED it. Nobody loves Physics. But I do, Husband does, and these two do. So I wanted to do something special for them for their special day.

I used an atom on the outside of the invitation and created this atom-pattern for the inside. Her colors are a rich lavender and silver,so I used Curious Metallics Ice Gold paper. The paper itself has a metallic look, so there was no need to print with metallic inks. Besides, the invites were printed digitally, saving hundreds of dollars.

We had a slight envelope issue, but everything’s been worked out and they’ve been mailed. The Bride loves them as much as I do. And that’s what matters.


6 thoughts on “Physics & A Wedding

  1. Hi Jenn

    That invite is just gorgeous. I just thought I would take a look at your blog and you are inspiring!! I too am looking at designing a wedding invite for my neice, won’t be close to yours but will be fun. Love your work!!


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