An Ikea Fabric Trip

I loaded up on Fabric this weekend (Ikea was having a sale).  The fabrics above will be for Toddler Backpacks.

Not sure about these, but they’re beautiful. Any ideas?

I plan to spend the next couple weeks creating handmade goodies for my new Etsy Shop. Yep, a new Etsy Shop. There, I threw it out there. I’m opening an Etsy Shop. And I can’t wait. Stay tuned….


6 thoughts on “An Ikea Fabric Trip

  1. Hey — I picked up cool fabrics at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London…can you help me brainstorm what to do with them?? 🙂

  2. Since the linen closet is already filled-to-bursting with unused “someday” fabric belonging to both the Tailor and me…I’d better not even *look* at Ikea fabric.

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